Our Town, Our Responsibility

Keeping Summerville, SC clean one building at a time

Summerville, SC is a historic town in the heart of the Lowcountry. It's known as the Flower Town in the Pines for its idyllic scenery and welcoming neighborhoods. As the birthplace of sweet tea, it's filled to the brim with Southern charm and beautiful architecture.

Home to local firefighter and pressure washer Brandon Sorenson, Summerville, SC is also the birthplace of First Response Pressure Washing, LLC. Whether you own one of the historic B&Bs or live in a modern home, we can help you bring out the beauty in your space with high-quality pressure washing services.

Do you want to help us preserve Summerville, SC's historic charm? Call 843-475-0495 today to schedule an appointment with our pressure washing pro.

Wash away the dirt and grime

Does your home or business look old or neglected? You'll never believe what a difference power washing can make. Our power washing services can help:

  • Bring more tourists and revenue to your business
  • Preserve your building's unique beauty
  • Prevent permeant damage to your siding

We have the equipment and experience needed to wash your historic or modern building with the attention it deserves. For a free quote on power washing services in Summerville, SC, contact us today.